Lessor – an individual or legal entity (including a business) making a reservation forLustro Wody property along with water equipment for their own use or for an organized or unorganized group, company, or youth group staying at the Lustro Wody property as part of the reservation.

Participant - a person using water equipment belonging to Lustro Wody, being a guest of the Water House Mirror during the rental period along with the Lessor.

Rental Company – Anna Dobrzycka company, registered at Radogoszcz 13, 83-221 Osiek, VAT ID 5981507697, REGON 210973480


Art.1 Rental Conditions for Floating Equipment


1. The rented water equipment, including kayaks, boats, paddles, and life jackets, is the property of the Company.

2. Before using the rented equipment, the Lessor must familiarize themselves with this Regulation.

3. While using the lessor's floating equipment, all persons are strictly prohibited from swimming under the influence of alcohol or any similarly acting substances.

4. The rental company reserves the right to refuse to issue equipment if it is noticed that the Lessor or participants of the trip are under the influence of alcohol or any similarly acting substances.

5. Minors may only float under the supervision of adults, who are fully responsible for them as well as their behavior and any damage caused by them.

6. The basic equipment of any floating equipment includes support vests, which both the lessor and all participants must use according to their purpose. A support vest is designed to assist a person capable of swimming in staying afloat. The lessor does not provide or supply life jackets (a life jacket is intended for non-swimmers). Non-swimmers should not use the provided equipment.

7. The rental company does not act as the organizer of the swimming, which means that the lessor and participants swim at their own risk, and they are responsible for observing safety rules, liability for damages, observing the rule of sobriety, and ensuring the wearing of life jackets.

8. To use the equipment, the Lessor or the person providing access to the Water House to the Lessor must be informed, who will receive the key to secure the kayaks.

9. Receiving the key to secure the kayaks signifies acceptance of this Regulation.


Art.2 Terms of Use of Water Equipment


1. The equipment we rent is free of charge to the Lessor and participants.

2. It is prohibited to lend floating equipment to persons other than the Lessor and participants.

3. The equipment should be placed in the same location as it was at the time of rental after use.


Art.3 Responsibility for the rented equipment and safety during use


1. Renting floating equipment by the Lessor on behalf of a group or company is tantamount to acceptance of the provisions contained in this Regulation.

2. The Company provides the following equipment to the Lessor during their stay at Lustro Wody:

a. 3 double kayaks, with a maximum load of 220 kg each

b. 6 wooden paddles

c. 6 life jackets

3. The condition of the equipment has been determined as very good. Any deficiencies in the equipment, possible damage, or other remarks must be reported immediately by the Lessor, no later than 3 hours from the time of kayak pickup (pickup occurs when the code to the kayak lock is provided) or during the rental period. Renting water equipment confirms the above quantities and acceptance of responsibility for it and acceptance of the provisions of this Regulation.

4. The Lessor is fully responsible for the rented equipment and its use, and undertakes to cover losses associated with its loss or damage.

5. In the event of loss or irreparable damage to the equipment, the Lessor reimburses its value at the reproduction cost.

6. In the case of partial damage or damage to the rented equipment not resulting from normal use, financial responsibility lies solely with the Lessor and is calculated based on the cost estimate of repairs by the equipment manufacturer.

7. The rental company supplements lost or damaged equipment due to improper use at the expense of the Lessor, including delivery costs.

8. If the damage or partial destruction of the equipment occurred as a result of normal use, then the repair cost and delivery of additional equipment are at the expense of the rental company.

9. Pickup and return of equipment take place at a location previously agreed upon by the Lessor and the rental company.

10. The equipment returned to the rental company must be in a condition enabling immediate re-rental after the end of the stay at the Water House.

11. The rental company is not responsible for the behavior of participants using the rental equipment, especially for any damages they may cause to other individuals or companies.

12. The rental company is not liable for accidents, loss of health, or death of participants using rental equipment.

13. The rental company is not liable for any material losses incurred by the participant during the use of the equipment. Valuable items (personal documents, phones, cameras) should be properly secured by the participant against getting wet, drowning, loss, theft, etc.


Art.4 Participants are prohibited from:


- swimming and being on the water under the influence of alcohol, drugs, intoxicants, or other similarly acting substances,

- transferring or subletting the rented equipment,

- behaving in a manner endangering their own safety and others',

- using floating equipment without wearing a life jacket,

- using floating equipment contrary to its intended use,

- exceeding the permissible load capacity of the water equipment,

- swimming in prohibited areas,

standing and squatting in the kayak,

- sitting on the gunwale, bow, or stern,

- jumping from the kayak into the water,

sinking water equipment and gear,

- being in a kayak not on the water,

- fishing from a kayak,

- throwing trash into the water or littering parking areas.


Art.5 Transitional and Final Provisions


1. Any disputes arising under the provisions of the Regulation will be resolved initially through negotiation.

2. Any disputes arising under the provisions of the Regulation that are not resolved amicably shall be subject to the decisions of the competent local Court of General Jurisdiction.

3. For legal entities (including businesses), any disputes not resolved amicably shall be subject to the decisions of the local Court of General Jurisdiction for the rental company's registered office.

4. Matters not regulated in this Regulation are governed by the provisions:

- concerning consumer protection

- civil code

5. This Regulation may be amended. The content of changes to the Regulation will be communicated to all interested parties by the Service Provider by posting a message about the change to the Regulation on the website, containing a summary of the changes to the Regulation. Information on the main page of the Internet Service will be maintained for at least 14 consecutive calendar days.

Lessees who have current Agreements for prepaid services or have made reservations for services will also be notified by the Rental Company by sending information containing a summary of the changes to the Regulation to the email address used by them in correspondence with the Lessor.

In this case, notification of the change to the Regulation will be provided no later than 14 calendar days before the amended Regulation comes into effect.

If the Lessor with a current Agreement or reservation does not accept the new content of the Regulation, they must notify the Lessor within 14 days from the date of notification of the change to the Regulation. Failure to accept changes to the Regulation results in the termination of the rental agreement. If the change to the Regulation occurs within less than 21 days before the rental date, the Lessor retains rights acquired before the change to the Regulation.

6. The current Regulation is published on the website, and a link to this page is provided to every person renting the Water House.

7. The Regulation enters into force on March 12, 2024.