Sauna manual



Anna Dobrzycka Company and the sauna manufacturer, Wycinka Company, are not responsible for the use of the garden sauna.


The sauna user undertakes the use at their own risk. Before using the sauna, consult a physician to rule out any contraindications. Touching heated metal and glass elements (especially the heater and glass) is prohibited, as it may result in burns.


Before using the sauna, ensure it is safe for you. Therefore, in case of doubt, consultation with a physician is recommended. Refrain from using the sauna on an empty stomach or after a heavy meal. Additionally, refrain from using the sauna immediately after intense mental or physical exertion. It is strictly advised not to consume alcoholic beverages before or during the sauna session.


The sauna heating takes approximately 40-50 minutes, depending on the external temperature. The cost of sauna use - 2.5 hours (including heating) is 250 PLN. Billing is based on the time meter usage (every 2.5 hours).



1. Upon entering the sauna, please check its technical condition. If you have any doubts about its condition, please report it by phone. In such a situation, sauna use is not possible.

2. Do not use the sauna alone. During the session, there should be at least one person present.

3. Before entering the sauna, leave your watch, mobile phone, jewelry, etc., outside.

4. The garden sauna is made of wood, hence there is a risk of mechanical damage (cracks, scratches, etc.), which can cause injury. Regularly check the technical condition of the product and eliminate such damage.

5. Do not stand on benches, stove, or other elements in the sauna that may be damaged.

6. Strictly adhere to the stove manufacturer's instructions.

7. Do not touch the stove elements. They can be very hot.

8. The optimal temperature for the user is 70-80°C. We suggest sauna sessions of 15-20 minutes at a time followed by a break of the same length (preferably cooling the body under an outdoor shower) and then returning for another session of 15-20 minutes.

9. The sauna usage time is individual for each user, however, prolonged sauna stays can be hazardous to health.

10. The electrical installation in the sauna should be checked, any suspicious situations should be examined by an electrician.

11. The sauna ventilation/latch should remain open at all times.

12. To increase humidity in the sauna, water can be poured over the stove stones. Do not pour too much water over the stones. The maximum amount at a time is one ladle from the provided set. Pouring more water reduces the stove temperature and may cause a short circuit and permanent damage to the stove.

13. When pouring water over the stones, it should immediately turn into steam. If you see water running off the stones, it means they are too cold, and you should wait a moment before pouring again.

14. During the spring-summer season, it is recommended to keep water in the bucket inside the sauna and dressing room to maintain the humidity at the proper level, ensuring the sauna stones do not dry excessively.

15. After the session, make sure the stove is extinguished, and the lights inside and outside are turned off. The external doors should be closed, and the key should be hidden in the designated place (safe on the pole near the stairs).




(graphic below, left side)


The panel is made of tempered glass and metal cover. It is operated using five touch buttons and a two-line alphanumeric OLED display. To start the controller, press and hold the ON button for about 2 seconds, and to turn it off, press the OFF button. Upon exiting the standby mode, the welcome screen will appear, followed by the profile selection window. In our sauna, only the dry sauna mode is available.




Dry Sauna (Sauna sucha)


The next step is to set the desired temperature. In the case of a dry sauna, it can range from 30-100 degrees Celsius. We recommend a safe temperature of 80 degrees.


Session Temp (Temp seansu)




The next stage determines the sauna's operating time, which starts from when the stove is turned on. First, set the number of hours, then touch OK to set the number of minutes. When setting the time, consider the sauna's heating time.


After the session, turn off the stove panel with the OFF/STOP button.



(graphic above, right side)


Powering On.


The power switch is located on the player (at the bottom of the housing, see fig. point 1). Turning it off disconnects the power. When turned on, the device enters playback mode from the source that was selected before the device was turned off. Press the M button (MODE) on the panel to select the USB player function (USB) or micro SD memory card (SD). The player automatically scans the media to find audio files. After finding the audio files, the device starts playing them. If no audio files are found or if there is no media (USB or SD), the display shows "NO". Tracks can be selected using the numeric keypad on the remote control or the |< and >| buttons.


Bluetooth Playback.


To play via Bluetooth, the devices must be paired. Press the MODE button on the panel to select the Bluetooth function (BT), and the Bluetooth symbol will start flashing at the top of the display. On your phone or tablet, enable Bluetooth device search and then find "DABA(xxxx)", where "x" stands for a letter or number, and connect to it. During pairing, you need to enter the default password, which is "0000", and pairing will occur. Tracks can be switched using the |< and >| buttons.




Turning the sauna lighting on and off is done by traditional switches on the external and internal walls of the changing room. The lighting module through the panel is not active.