Hot tub manual




Company Anna Dobrzycka and the hot tub manufacturer, Wycinka, are not liable for any use of the garden hot tub.


Taking a bath in the hot tub is at the user's own risk. Before using the hot tub, consult with a doctor to rule out any contraindications. Avoid touching heated metal elements as it may cause burns.


Ensure that using the hot tub is safe for you; if in doubt, consult a doctor. Do not use the hot tub immediately after intense mental or physical exertion. Abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages before and during the bath.


1. Do not use the hot tub alone. During bathing, at least one person should be present.

2. Do not stand on the benches, stove, or any other elements that may be damaged.

3. Fill the tub with water to a level that prevents spillage when entering. Use water from the house faucet (which is treated). To enable filling, close the two stop valves outside (connected with green hoses). Fill the water slowly for about 3 hours (this way, the water treatment station will be most efficient - rapid filling may result in water not being properly treated, i.e., lacking unwanted organic and inorganic substances).

4. The stove is fueled by wood and is not suitable for coal. Recommended types of dry wood are beech and oak.

5. Temperature can be regulated by adjusting the ashtray drawer (open or close).

6. In the external stove (with a water jacket), you can start the fire only when the water level in the tub is above the upper round outlet/opening to the stove (i.e., when the tub is filled above 70%).

7. Do not exceed the temperature of 60 degrees Celsius (for the external stove). Above this temperature, the stove may be damaged.

8. Avoid touching the stove and chimney elements. They may be very hot and cause burns.

9. The optimal water temperature for users is considered to be 35-36 degrees Celsius.

10. The duration of using the hot tub is individual for each user, but spending too much time in hot water can be dangerous for health. One session in the hot tub should not last longer than 10 minutes. After each exit from the hot tub, cool the body with cold water. Rest for 10-15 minutes before the next entry.

11. If the hot tub is not used for an extended period, empty the water entirely and remove the rubber plug from the bottom of the tub to allow fresh air circulation inside.

12. During freezing temperatures, if the hot tub is not used, empty the water from the stove completely.

13. In case of strong frost, absolutely monitor the water temperature in the stove and connecting hoses to prevent freezing. If there is a risk, release all water (from the tub and stove) and blow the jacuzzi system if it is included.

14. The water's hygiene in the hot tub is best maintained by replacing it with new water approximately every 3-5 days, depending on the water's condition.

15. After lighting the stove, condensation on the stove walls may occur. It is a natural phenomenon that will cease during further water heating (applies to the external stove).

16. If the hot tub includes a jacuzzi system, be cautious to keep the plug and entire connection away from the water and out of children's reach.

17. After draining the water from the hot tub, blow the jacuzzi system (turn it on for a few minutes to allow the water from the hoses to evaporate).

18. Do not leave the pump running unattended.