Rooms in Lustro Wody


You will comfortably spend time by the fireplace, enjoying meals with your family and friends at a large table. In the morning, you can enjoy a coffee program provided by wild ducks swimming with their family, diving goosanders, and majestic cranes soaring above the surface of the Kociewskie Sea. The evening is usually concluded with a tawny owl concert.


After dark, you have access to a whole closet full of board games or cards. The large table is a great place for a round of Canasta or Bridge. The internet is not fiber-optic, but it can handle streaming movies, so you can plan a movie night. On hot evenings, we can organize a screening of a selected film in the garden, sometimes accompanied by a soothing breeze.


Are you considering organizing a family celebration with twelve dishes on the table? Here, you can fit them all, and your family and guests won't feel overcrowded at the table. After a hearty dinner, you can relax in the seating area with sofas and armchairs.


Planning a family gathering after a communion or engagement? You will find plenty of opportunities to spend blissful, quiet family time here, with a soothing view outside the window.




When designing the kitchen, we had one goal - for it to be spacious. This is where life will unfold from morning coffee to leisurely cooked dinners. We have successfully managed to cook for 14 people here, which we have already tested. There was no struggle for space - neither at the stove nor on the countertops. We insisted on steel fronts and incorporated century-old wood into the island. There is a large refrigerator and plenty of cooking equipment. And, of course, an espresso machine and a coffee pot :)



Our guests have access to 6 bedrooms. On the ground floor, there is a double bedroom, and on the upper floor, there are 4 double bedrooms and one for a group of four guests (bedroom with a mezzanine).


The downstairs bedroom is the smallest, but it is fresh and cozy. It provides direct access to the key areas of the house (including the bathroom and the pantry :) And the view is worth waking up to because it faces directly east, capturing the sunrise.


Upstairs bedrooms

The master bedroom (with a double bed) features a balcony, a mezzanine, and a view of the lake. It's our favorite :) It's also the best place to work while observing the white herons taking off from Lake Kałębie.

From the terrace, you can enjoy breathtaking sunrises or capture the life happening on and above the lake. This is also where morning coffee tastes the best.

Within a radius of several kilometers, there are no busy roads, larger towns, or industrial facilities. There are no airplanes flying overhead, no neighbors mowing lawns, motocross tracks, or anything that would disturb your peaceful relaxation in silence. After sunset, under a clear sky, you can enjoy the view of thousands of stars, usually invisible to city dwellers.


Bedroom with a mezzanine (4-person capacity: 1 double bed, 2 single beds on the mezzanine) Ideal for a couple with older children due to the steep stairs. The windows offer a view of the forest. In the dresser, there are plenty of books and board games for both children and adults.


Forest bedroom (2 separate beds)

It features two separate beds, with a room overlooking the forest and partially the lake.


Fiery bedroom (2 separate beds) - with a view of the forest and the fireplace.


Lakeview bedroom (2 separate beds) - with a view of the lake.



A closed room on the ground floor for casual conversations, listening to music, or playing bridge.



In the guest house, we have three bathrooms and an additional toilet. Two of the bathrooms are communal, while one is located in the mezzanine bedroom. In all of them, guests can relax under the soothing rain showers.


ENTRANCE HALL with a designated wardrobe

You can leave your suitcases, larger items, and warmer clothing here.



We provide our guests with a vast garden featuring a designated area for bonfires, over 2 hectares of private forest for walks, and mushroom picking during the autumn season.

Hot Tub

In the garden on the slope by the lake, relaxation awaits you in a hot tub.

Finnish Sauna

For all high-temperature enthusiasts, a new addition at the water's edge: a Finnish sauna! With a direct view of Lake Kalebie. And after the sauna session, you can take a plunge into the lake from the pier or enjoy a cold shower!



A private pier exclusively for the guests of the Water's Edge.